Jagsumi Perspective Private Limited offers its subscribers a cutting edge Digital TV services which is available across the area that it serves.

Jagsumi Perspective Private Limited is using State of the Art equipment for producing finest quality of Digital TV signals. Jagsumi Perspective Private Limited is using Airtel Network for carrying the signal across markets it covers.

Channels and Services: Jagsumi Perspective Private Limited Provides Over 330 digital Channels + 32 Radio services broadcasted on Jagsumi cable Networks. It also Provides 62 HD Channels.

Enticement :

  • Live Coverage 24×7, exclusive Live coverage of Holy Places like Anandpur Sahib, Gurudwara Deep Singh Ji (Shahida Sahib), Durgyana Mandir etc.
  • Movies, Advertisement Free Movie Channels like Bollywood, Bollywood Classic etc for nonstop entertainment.
  • Music – Nonstop music Channels like Punjabi Hits, Hindi Hits etc.

The process of delivering digital cable television services begins with our receiving signals containing content from various broadcasters using multiple Satellite antennas located at the digital head-ends. The signals received by the antennas are then fed into a PIRD, which demodulate decrypts and decodes the signal. A high quality Encoder is then used to re-encode the signal into a MPEG -2 / MPEG 4 formats and an IP stream is created. Following encoding, the IP signals are fed into the networking switches which provide input to a bank of Multiplexers. The Multiplexers are used to select channels and services, package and encrypt the signals to be transmitted as a bundle of channels and services on a single Radio Frequency carrier.

After the translator and switching device have performed their functions, once encrypted, the signal undergoes a RF modulation process using dense Edge QAMs and is then transmitted through our Hybrid Fiber Co-axial (OFC) Network to the Local Cable Operators (LCO) in the various servicing areas.

Each LCO in turn deliver the signals to end-user subscribers through their own “last mile” network. Each subscriber receives the signal through a Digital Set Top Box that is connected to the LCO’s Network and the subscriber’s television. The set top box decodes and decrypts the signals, which results in the conversion of the signals into the content that is displayed on the subscriber’s television screen. The set top box is activated by sending box specific commands via the subscriber management system.

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